Puppy Class

Puppy Class

In the puppy class the dogs learn basic life skills like sit, down, stay, recall, walk on leash etc. The puppies need to have had at least two sets of their vaccine shots.  The classes are small with 8 puppies or less.  Puppies are usually under two years of age.  An exception is sometimes made for older, small dogs that were born during covid and didn’t have a chance to be socialized. 


On the form below, you can choose the Peachland Puppy Classes or the Summerland Puppy Classes.


The session has six 40 minute classes at the cost of $20 a class which is $120 for the set.


The classes are held in two different areas. Summerland, and Peachland.


Summerland Puppy Classes – 6 pm May 10 to June 14,
Peachland Puppy Classes – 6 pm April 30 to June 4


If you would like to sign up or are interested in this class please indicate through the form below and I’ll place you on the list!


This class usually fills up quickly so if you are interested don’t delay. However it will not go ahead unless the demand is there.  I welcome any questions about the class. Email me at: Okanagan Dog Trainer!


~ Gail Walsh