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Brandon Workshop
Brandon Workshop
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Kamloops Workshop
Kamloops Workshop
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Kamloops Workshop January 20th and 21st, 2018

A small but eager group gathered together at Five Star Dog Training in Kamloops in spite of the weather that almost canceled this fun weekend. The dog trainers and other dog enthusiasts that attended are eager to get Canine Musical Freestyle started in their area. If you are interested in their classes contact Five Star Dog Training,

Osoyoos, British Columbia March 5th, 2017
​A snowy day did not deter several handlers and their furry companions to have the opportunity to learn Freestyle. Fun was had by all.

Brandon, Manitoba, 2013
This two day canine musical freestyle workshop was held at Brandon’s new state of the art ‘Paw Resort and Wellness Centre’.

Along with the grooming area, animal boarding rooms, and a reception area full of many delightful animal products, the ‘Paw’ has a wonderful large training area. Thirteen dogs, along with their handlers, filled this space for a fun-filled weekend learning how to perform canine musical freestyle.

Besides the learning activities, and the canine musical freestyle behaviors, that the participants learned, they also got to learning simple behaviors used in a routine. These skills were then put into practice as the students walked through a simple freestyle beginners routine. The fun really began when the dogs were brought into the equation.

These canine musical freestyle workshops use all positive training techniques, such as clicker training used to shape and capture behaviours. The workshops are full of fun activities while learning this exciting dog sport.