Tricks & Musical Freestyle Class

Canine Musical Freestyle Class

The Class Begins: April 14th @ 7 pm

Tricks and Musical Freestyle Class

What to Expect: Your dog will learn various tricks along with the fundamentals of Musical Freestyle.  The classes build confidence in your dog and strengthens the bond between the two of you.

Cost: The session has six 45min. classes at the cost of $20 a class which is $120 for the set.

Where and When: The classes are held in Summerland at the Harold Simpson Youth Centre (9111 Peace Ordard Road) on Friday evenings, starting April 14th at 7:00.

Please provide your full name, email address and your dog’s name, as well as your dog’s age.  After you hit the submit button, I will receive your email.  I’ll reach out and contact you normally within 24 hours.

~ Gail Walsh