You do not need to know how to dance for this class.  If you can walk in time to music then you can do freestyle. This class is suitable for puppies right up to senior dogs. It is a fun class that will exercise your dog both physically and mentally. The bond between the two of you will become stronger as you play together.  Your dog will learn tricks that you can show off to your friends and family. Or you may decide that you would like to get more serious and learn your own musical freestyle routine.  No matter what your reasons for taking the class are, I am sure you and your dog will enjoy it.
On the form to the left, you can choose the Peachland Tricks / Musical Freestyle Classes or the Summerland Tricks / Musical Freestyle Classes.


The session has eight 45min. classes at the cost of $160 for the set.


The classes are held in two different areas, Summerland and Peachland. 


Summerland: Fridays, May 3 – June 21
Peachland: Tuesdays, April 30 – Jun 18


Summerland: 7 pm to 7:45 pm
Peachland:  7 pm to 7:45 pm

If you would like to sign up or are interested in this class please indicate through the form below and I’ll place you on the list! This class usually fills up quickly so if you are interested don’t delay. I welcome any questions about the class.

Email me at Okanagan Dog Trainer!

Please provide your full name, email address and your dog’s name, dog’s breed, as well as your dog’s age.  After you hit the submit button, I will receive your email.  I’ll reach out and contact you normally within 24 hours.

~ Gail Walsh

Drop in classes are available for the price of $20 a lesson.  To be eligible for the drop in, you must have taken the beginners Tricks/Musical Freestyle course first.